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Tonga Population 120,898 (189 of 237) Tonga Area, Sq. Km.
complete Tonga dialing code, you can make your international call.
Tonga telephone code 676 is dialed after the IDD. Tonga international dialing 676 is followed by an area code. The Tonga area code table below shows the various city codes for Tonga. Tonga country codes are followed by these area codes.
Main article: Government of Tonga and Politics of Tonga * Form of government: * Capital of Tonga: Nukuʻalofa * Elections in Tonga * (specific elections)
* Tonga is: an island country of 169 islands, 36 of which are inhabited * Location: * Southern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere * Pacific
The location of Tonga An enlargeable map of the Kingdom of Tonga The Kingdom of Tonga is a sovereign island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean.
Tonga (pronounced /ˈtɒŋɡə/, Tongan ), officially the Kingdom of Tonga (Tongan: Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga), is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, comprising 176 islands scattered over 700,000 square kilometres (270,000 sq mi) of ocean in the South Pacific. Fifty-two of the islands are inhabited.
Tonga also became known as the Friendly Islands because of the friendly reception accorded to Captain James Cook on his first visit there in 1773.
Tonga is also the only island nation in the region to have avoided formal colonisation.
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Tonga (genitive Tongae); f, first declension 1.
Ferreting in search of Tongan flags information, I found an image of the national flag in the Tongan Consulate in San Francisco website which instead of 1:2 is (exactly) 3:4. Also the canton is not half as high as the flag but around 2/5ths.
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Tonga was a British Protected State from 18 May 1900 - 4 June 1970. The best information I have (garnered from a number of sources) is that the flag was adopted in 1866 (during the reign of King George Tupou).
Tonga is an island located between the Fiji, Samoa and Cook islands in the South Polynesia. The Tonga Island is known as “Friendly Islands” as the people here are culturally rich.Constitutional Monarchy is the kingdom of Tonga.
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In many Polynesian languages the word tonga means "south". In Tongan it is pronounced ; the American English pronunciation approximates an Indian carriage (spelled tanga) and so may cause confusion.
Tonga (pronounced , Tongan ), officially the Kingdom of Tonga (Tongan: Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga), is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, comprising 176 islands scattered over 700,000 square kilometres (270,000 sq mi) of ocean in the South Pacific. Fifty-two of the islands are inhabited.
Tonga, had a reputation across the central Pacific – from Niue, Samoa, Eastern Fiji, Rotuma, Wallis & Futuna, New Caledonia to Tikopia – leading some historians to speak of a 'Tongan Empire'.
Pule'anga 'o TongaKingdom of Tonga Flag of Tonga Coat of arms of Tonga Flag Coat of arms Motto: "Ko e ʻOtua mo Tonga ko hoku tofiʻa" "God and Tonga are my
The Kingdom of Tonga ( Tongan for "south") is an archipelago in the south Pacific Ocean comprising 169 islands, 36 of them inhabited, stretching over a distance of about 800 kilometres (500 miles) in a north-south line.
Tonga is the only surviving monarchy among the island nations of the Pacific Ocean, as well as being the only island nation never to have been formally colonized.
* TONGA is one of the New Countries Eligible to Participate in H-2A and H-2B Programs * H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers End >> Results 1 - 8 of 37
Consul General of Tonga in San Franciso. The Executive Council Members of the Tonga USA Association were also in attendance at the ceremony held this morning at the MedShare warehouse.
President OBAMA recieves Tongan Ambassador - His Excellency Hon. Sonatane Tupou. Ex-President BUSH's message about late King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV's death. U.S Ambassador Steven McGann Mission Overview.
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Tonga is a South Pacific island nation consisting of 171 islands, of which 45 are inhabited. Tonga is a constitutional monarchy and a member of the British Commonwealth.
island of Tongatapu where the capital, Nuku’alofa, is located. The Tongan Visitor’s Bureau has a wide range of information of interest to travelers. Please read the Department of State’s Background Notes on Tonga for additional information.
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Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu in the Pacific Community Cluster.
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Tonga, the "Friendly Islands", is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is divided into four island groups, or regions. The Tonga Visitors Bureau has a very informative web site at .
* Tongatapu — home of the capital, Nuku'alofa. A short flight or boat trip to the east southeast is the unspoilt island of 'Eua.
Tonga is one of the last absolute monarchies in the world and is based upon an essentially feudal system where the king disburses land and positions without recourse to any elected body.
Tonga is a group of volcanic islands, forming an independent kingdom within the Commonwealth. It lies east of Fiji. Cook, who visited several islands on his second and third voyage in the 1770s, called them the Friendly Islands.
Tonga was at the centre of a financial scandal in the early 21st century when money in a government trust fund was lost while under the management of an American investor. This added to the country's ongoing financial problems.
Tonga is a constitutional monarchy with one legislative house; the head of state is the king, and the head of government is the prime minister. Tonga was inhabited at least 3,000 years ago by people of the Lapita culture.
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dominated Tongan life for almost two centuries is still influential. All commerce and entertainment activities cease on Sunday from midnight, and the constitution declares the Sabbath to be sacred, forever.
More than two-thirds of the population of the Kingdom of Tonga live on its main island, Tongatapu. An increasing number of Tongans have moved into Nuku'alofa, Tonga's capital and only urban and commercial center, where increasingly Western and indigenous Polynesian cultural and living patterns have blended.
) as one moves from Tongatapu in the south to the more northerly islands closer to the Equator. The mean daily humidity is 80%.
Map of TongaMap of Tonga Sovereign: George Tupou V (2006) Prime Minister: Feleti Sevele (2006) Land area: 277 sq mi (717 sq km); total area: 289 sq mi (748 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 122,580 (growth rate: 1.
Polynesians have lived on Tonga for at least 3,000 years. The Dutch were the first to explore the islands, landing on Tafahi in 1616. British explorer James Cook landed on islands in 1773 and 1777 and dubbed them the Friendly Islands.
Tonga became independent on June 4, 1970. The government is largely controlled by the king, his nominees, and a small group of hereditary nobles.
The kingdom of Tonga is perched just east of the international date line: when it’s a fun-packed Saturday at the beach in Samoa, it’s already time for Sunday prayers in Tonga.
Tonga is an eclectic country where ancient traditions sit alongside the latest offerings of modern life.
Tongan boat hire man.
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Tongan laws do not permit Mara's extradition Tongan laws do not permit Mara's extradition 24 June, 2011. A diplomatic note sent yesterday to Fiji from the Ministry of Foreign Affair... Read More...
Tonga to attend Disaster Prevention/Management Cooperation Programme 22 June, 2011. Four Tongan youths visit the Ambassador's office prior to participating "Dis... Read More... NDC report NDC report "inadequate", to be submitted to Cabinet this Friday 22 June, 2011.
Almost two-thirds of Tonga's population live on the main island Tongatapu, on which the capital city Nuku'alofa is located.
sites of Tonga, country guides with travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, and local news from Tonga.
Tonga, an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean south of Samoa, also known as the Friendly Islands, it comprises 176 islands, 36 of them are inhabited.
Tonga is an archipelago directly south of Western Samoa. Its 171 islands, 48 of them inhabited, are divided into three main groups-Vava'u, Ha'apai, and Tongatapu-and cover an 800-kilometer (500 mi.)-long north-south line.
Tongan players perform traditional ritual dance before rugby match in Canberra, Australia, October 15, 2003. Tongan players perform traditional ritual dance before rugby match in Canberra, Australia, October 15, 2003. Stay Connected with State.
Geologically the Tongan islands are of two types: most have a limestone base formed from uplifted coral formations; others consist of limestone overlaying a volcanic base.
Malo e lelei! The Tonga Visitors Bureau is the National Tourist Office of the Kingdom of Tonga. Welcome to the KINGDOM OF TONGA – an archipelago of 176 islands scattered over 700,000 square kilometres of ocean in the South Pacific.
The northern archipelago Vava’u is Tonga’s tourist centre, a haven for yachties and a paradise for water sports. >> More Ha’apai Island Group In the central archipelago of Ha’apai, time stops.
Tongatapu is home to the capital Nuku’alofa, the King and Government, ancient archaeological sites and spectacular natural landscapes. >> More ‘Eua Island South-East of Tongatapu,’Eua Island is rugged, mountainous and covered in subtropical rainforest.
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the US does not have an embassy in Tonga; the US ambassador to Fiji is accredited to Tonga Flag description: Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
Tonga became a constitutional monarchy in 1875 and a British protectorate in 1900; it withdrew from the protectorate and joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1970. Tonga remains the only monarchy in the Pacific.